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No set-up cost, no nightly minimums

A NightForce contract operates on an annual basis with no set-up cost and no nightly minimums. We bill monthly on a per-study basis. Our on-call coverage extends from 5pm to 7am Central Standard Time, 365 days per year, although we can negotiate customized coverage to meet your needs.

Here are the steps to take:

Task NightForce Client
Call 1-877-4-NIGHTFORCE for a no-obligation consultation.   X
Negotiate service level agreement and quality assurance protocol. X X
Sign client teleradiology services agreement. X X
Provide necessary information for RadRequest setup.   X
Acquire necessary hospital credentialing. X  
Facilitate technical analysis. X  
Educate client radiologists & technologists in use of RadRequest system. X  
Transmit test images.   X
Oversee transition to NightForce. X  
Reap practice benefits.   X

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